VI Cruising


The cruising section has provided the opportunity for Visually Impaired People to experience sailing since 1993 and is run entirely by volunteers. EAST does not run courses but provides an opportunity for Visually Impaired sailors to enjoy the experience of sailing whilst learning new skills at the same time.

All cruises start and end at Suffolk Yacht Harbour, Levington, near Ipswich.
Yachts aim to sail to the same destination during the day and meet for social events in the evenings.

The yachts are privately owned and all different, ranging from approximately 8 to 14 meters in length and accommodating 3 to 6 people. On each boat there would be a skipper, one or more sighted crew plus one or two Visually Impaired sailors. The crew live and sleep on the boat, which could be at anchor, on a buoy or in a marina. There would normally be five or more boats cruising in company in any event.

Participants should be 18 years of age or more, and in good general health, with the agility to board and get around the boat, even when the conditions are rough.

For the taster weekends no sailing experience is required, but for long weekends some experience is desirable. For the Summer cruise appropriate experience, such as a taster weekend, is essential.

E-mail our cruising co-ordinator for more information.

EAST provides sailing opportunities for its members. So to take part in a VI cruise you will need to be a member of EAST unless this is your first time when we grant free membership for one weekend cruise only.

You can download the application form for full membership below. Temporary membership is also available.

To apply for a cruise, download and complete the Cruise Application and Medical Questionnaire form below. Mark the form 'temporary membership' if you prefer that option.

If you have your own boat and are interested in joining EAST's cruises in company, we would be delighted to hear from you.